Goodbye For Now

Bee Potion was born out of a passion for bees and the creation of beautiful balms inspired by nature. For 5 years I have worked closely with my bees to develop ethical beekeeping practices. The Potions reflect the same values: to nurture ourselves tenderly. I have sourced the best ingredients for our potions and as you know have only taken a little from the bees as their ingredients are so wonderfully good for us.

I have also worked at our woodland apiary connecting children and families to the wonders of bees and community. Sadly, every year I have noticed more and more of my own colonies dying as well as those of other beekeepers. I kept going, bringing in new swarms and working with strong colonies to create new ones. It is a labour of love.

This year in January we noticed that all our natural hive colonies at our wellbeing site, had died. I was devastated. Then in March my garden bees also died. Bee losses have happened this year on a huge scale.

Of course, I blamed myself. I was shocked and spiralled into grief at both the short- and long-term implications of what this means environmentally.

I have therefore decided to close Bee Potion. All of my lovely skincare balms and products are still available online and I will be selling these off with a 20% discount code to all those that have supported Bee Potion (until current stock lasts).I will be using part of the funds to support the natural therapy work I will continue to train.

For now, I will invite wild swarms to our natural hives but am also letting go of my role as a beekeeper.

The reason. There is not one and there are many shades of grey.





In the video below I touch on why climate change is affecting the natural cycles of honeybees and reducing their vitality, resistance to disease.

There is a 10-minute film being made currently celebrating Bee Potion as well as a bee meditation I am currently creating, which I will share with you very soon.

Here is a code for you and your loved ones, enter this at check out and receive 20% off everything including all our special gift sets.


Every product purchased will continue to support my quest to create a better world.

Products available while stocks last, we will not be making any new batches, once it's gone there will be no restocks.

The limited edition facial oil I have recently released is also still available and is an ode to my bees, as they love all the flowers that make the oils. It's also an ode to our individual gorgeous faces.

Bee Well.

With love, courage and gratitude,

 Katharine O’Brien


A note from Lauren (Creative Director for Bee Potion) - 

It's absolutely devastating to witness first hand the bee losses we as a community have faced over the past few years and to be hit so hard within our own hives within the space of 3 months is extremely heart wrenching. It has been an absolute pleasure to have been part of such an incredible brand and community of people for my time here at bee potion. I will continue to spread awareness and help to educate others throughout this crisis and hopefully we can do as much as possible to turn the corner to a brighter future for the planet...

A big thank you to Katharine and everyone who has supported this fantastic cause.

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