BEE POTION is an ethical, all-natural skincare and wellbeing company that has sustainability, education and ecology at the heart of the business. We know you want to buy local, sustainable products that support the wellbeing of future generations, our bees and the natural world. We tick all those boxes.

Hello! I am Katharine O'Brien founder of Bee Potion.

Turning 50 (now 4 years ago) I became a beekeeper and was WOWED and fascinated by bees and wanted to combine this with my knowledge, experience and love of: ecology, working with children in nature and natural skincare. Thus the BEE POTION skincare range and the Hives of Hastings was born.

The photo of me above is with Honey, my faithful therapy dog who supports the work I do teaching and nurturing children in nature. I have 25 years experience of working in this field.

BEE POTION facilitates wellbeing courses for children, young people and their families from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds in the Hastings and Sussex area. We research and design creative courses that empower young people to ensure their voices are heard and strengthened through mindfulness in nature, aiding emotional and spiritual recovery, growth and rights of passage opportunities.


Katharine O'Brien

(Bee Well)