Bee Potion is an ethical, all-natural skincare and wellbeing company that has sustainability and ecology at the heart of the business. We are a company with a different mind-set.  We know you want to buy local, sustainable products that support the wellbeing of future generations, our bees and the natural world. We tick all those boxes.


We know you want skincare and wellbeing products  that are full of goodness, and also deliver incredible health and beauty results, without compromising on your values. 

That’s where Bee Potion comes in.  Each multi-faceted skincare product we have created addresses specific areas in need of love for health and beauty benefits.  Each product is so versatile and fits in with your flexible lifestyle. Multi-faceted, multi-functional.  That also means there is less packaging, you get more concentrated nourishment, you waste less, consume less.  

As an ethical company,  Bee Potion  cares as much about sustainability and nature as you do.

Our holistic skincare brand Bee Potion is a type of a charity, known as a community Interest Company.  100% of our profits go to our woodland wellbeing site, nestled in the country cliff hills, near the old town of Hastings on the Sussex coast. This is where Bee Potion bees are nourished by Katharine - Bee Potion director. 

 Your purchase directly supports our bees and nurturing well-being woodland programmes.


Our versatile holistic skincare range is created with a little alchemy and a wonderful mix of amazing bee ingredients, skin protein butters, vitamin rich oils and essential oils. The good news? You can say goodbye to using four products when one of ours will do! Bonus: You consume less and you give more.

Our all-natural products are lovingly created just for you in small batches, made from pure concentrated natural ingredients. Like you, we’re conscious of our impact on the planet, using reusable and recyclable glass jars to ensure the products you love are packaged in a sustainable way.



I’m Katharine the founder of Bee Potion. I am featured in this picture, at my tree hive looking like a bee landlady in my headscarf, raising a toast of gratitude to the bees.  I’m passionate about supporting children through nature, as I strongly believe nature is the best therapy. My aim with Bee Potion Community Interest Company is to support local youth employment who help make and promote the brand. I also challenge conventional forms of beekeeping  within my own practice to find ways that support sustainable and ethical forms of working with bees and nature.  By purchasing our special potions you are directly supporting our Bee-cause which also helps to fund our woodland well-being projects for vulnerable children and young people in and around Hastings, East Sussex, UK.

Click on pic to read a poem about my bees and me. 

Hello, I'm Lauren! I'm the Creative Marketing Executive for Bee Potion, My job is to stylishly convey the Bee Potion message to you and help raise the funding needed to run our woodland well-being classroom. I have always been a firm believer that nature is the way forward, and  it's incredible to be able to help spread this message in such a fun and creative way.




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