• To empower young woman through courses in natural settings, promoting natural beauty, wellbeing fireside discussion circles and sisterhood.
  • To help young people make choices about their health and future through health, nutrition, and ecology.
  • To advance the care, sustainability and awareness of bees and ecology.
  • To seek to improve the quality of life of young people through self-esteem, educational, training and employment opportunities.
  • To promote equal opportunities and diversity within our courses and cohort of attendees
  • To find funding streams to support educational, conservation and wellbeing projects.
  • To work in partnership with other organisations to seek solutions to the barriers and problems encountered by the children and families in Hastings and work with other practitioners and experts in mental health to ensure best practice.
  • To ensure correct policies and procedures and training are provided to staff and participants.


BEE POTION SKINCARE PRODUCT RANGE:                                                        

  • To create sustainable skincare solutions that are 100% natural, multi-purpose and ethical.
  • To seek to support the health beauty, empowerment, and wellbeing of our customer’s.
  • To promote our ‘Bee Cause’ and educational projects through sales
  • Profits to be returned to the development of sustainable beekeeping, wellbeing, and training.
  • To ethically sourced ingredients, reusable packaging and reduce carbon footprint in the manufacturing process.
  • To ensure we meet standards and regulations of best practice of selling and marketing natural skincare.
  • To employ young people through government schemes and grants to help manufacture, market, and distribute  Bee Potion products and thus furthering training opportunities for youth employment.

Bee Potion

Community Interest Company

Company Number 12601170