Valentines and bees are both symbolic of love.

Lets  remember self love and love of family and friends and our natural world is just as valuable as the romantic kind. So lets reaffirm the practises and art of self love rituals.  I have made it my mission this week to melt some of my beeswax left by a long ago bee colony with  organic shea and virgin coconut oils with grapefruit and frangipani to  bring you a sensual BEE LOVED candle for you or a loved one. 

I have just discovered that the  human heart resonates an electric vibration 60 times stronger than the brain and 500 times magnetic resonance than the brain.  What does this mean? Well it means that even if we are loving ourselves and thinking of another it could potentially touch a  far away loved one.  

The BEE LOVED massage candle is a gift when you purchase other precious potions  with a value of £40 and free postage.   If being sent to a loved one put a personal message in the note section and we will send that with a card.

You can purchase the candle too for £9.95

This little heart inspired by Saint Valentine was charged with ensuring the sweetness of honey and the protection of beekeepers. Saint Valentine is a combined symbol of love, bee's fertility and abundance.

In this stained glass  image of Saint Valentine he is holding a skept which, up to 150 years ago, was the traditional form of housing a bee colony.  Working with my bee's,  I have experienced huge loses.  To deal with with loss the key for me is self nurture through connection with the heart and that which i have lost.  

The bee is also a symbol of fertility.  I think of natures fertile cycles are a reminder of this as winter turns to spring. As the  signs of snowdrops appear the Queen honey bee prepares to lay eggs and increase her colony numbers from 5000 to 60,000. A fertile queen will lay up to 2000 eggs a day once spring is on the way. The honey these bees create is sweet nectar from the heart of the flower's male and female parts. The connections we have symbolically with love and nature are pretty profound. 

Observe the snowdrops followed by the hazel catkins.  If you see a little bee on a hazel catkin collecting pollen, she will so resilient having survived winter and now before her physical death she collects the pollen for the unborn spring bee's

We are extremely passionate about promoting our small batched organic and natural products with a purpose. We only use excess materials from our bees in small amounts and blend with the most precious and skin nutritious  oils. 

Any earnings support the unfunded work I do to develop knowledge and understanding of how to support bee ecology and  woodland holistic community  projects.

Bee potion - Supporting your every day needs and our planet's ecology. Help us educate for the future.



So place your heart on a little saucer and  light your candle.  Take some deep nourishing breathes and set some intentions.  Once the oils start to melt, pour directly onto the skin and massage in.  Any excess wax that you have not used can also be used as a protective hand salve throughout the week. Nurture yourself and a loved with your heart energy and touch. 

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