Propolis is a sticky resin that bees create from the sap from trees. They mix it with their enzymes, chew it in their mandible and hey presto have made a very powerful antibacterial, anti-fungal and antimicrobial substance. This is primarily used to line the Queen bees laying chambers thus providing a totally hygienic environment for the baby bees to grow from eggs.

As bees are so resourceful, they take advantage of the glue like substance and use it as a poly-filler in the hive. Worse case scenario if an intruder enters the hive (like a mouse) once stung, and dead they won't be able to get it out so will mummify it with Propolis to ensure it does not infect the hive with decay.

Thanks to those little bees we can also use Propolis for its healing properties (humans have done so for thousands of years). I don't advocate communication of intruders with it though.

Yesterday I developed the normal time of year flu symptoms with a cutting sore throat. So as well as taking my daily teaspoon of raw honey, here is Katharine's Propolis flu remedy:



I mix this up 3 times a day and my throat feels loads better and no cold yet either.

I use my favourite egg cup to make it in. Alternatively mix in a little bottle and take to work and multiply the recipe to last for a few days.



1 dose as follows:

 6 drops of Propolis.

You can buy at health food shops.

 1 teaspoon of raw honey (do not heat to retain its health properties).

 A squeeze of lemon

 Top up with a little water

 A shot of whiskey!


Optional extras:

A pipette of ginger, Echinacea and Golden seal tincture

(I recommend 'Natures Answer' brand great for early immune defence) from wholefoods.


3 drops of cayenne tincture or a tiny pinch.



Try using doterra 'onguard' edible essential oils (orange peel, cinnamon bark, cloves, eucalyptus) blend which is great for immunity. I have started taking it with a spoonful of honey with cinnamon.


Mix it up and enjoy in a few sips or gargle first to sooth the throat.


I am tempted to have it four times a day. That must have something to do with the whiskey.



I also use Propolis in a number of our Bee Potions as its an active ingredient for repairing skin and sorting out ,acne eczema, psoriasis, and rashes along with all those other lovely bee and natural ingredients.

 BEE SOOTHED use on larger skin complaints (and a night facial treatment)

 BEE CLEAR ointment for scars, burns, cold sores, bites.

 BEE HEELED for cracked and dry feet.

 Propolis also makes a great antiseptic mouthwash and helps with gum disease.

 Thank you bees for yet another wonder substance.


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