Being Beautiful or being conned.

It’s shocking to think that most expensive beauty products that claim to be 'anti-aging’ and 'clinically proven' are not true and are exaggerated claims that make us feel more insecure rather than confident with the skin we are in. The Truth about Looking Good’ (an investigative documentary by Cherry Healey on BBC TV), shown this January, exposes these beauty industry marketing myths by talking to insiders within the industry. Its definitely worth a watch and my cosmetic pharmacologist, Colin Saunders was interviewed.


See link to program below:

Available till the middle of February.The Truth About Looking GoodA number of tests were also carried out on the program. A study was made into skin moisturisers: looking at skin hydration in a test using three high street brands from different price brackets. Surprising;ly the most expensive creams gave the least hydration! So what ingredients actually do work to hydrate the skin? 'Glycerine’ which is very inexpensive. This is a vegetable or petrol based derivative (heat process), which after extraction ends up as a sticky liquid. It then becomes a hydrating ingredient with humectants’. A humectant means it (draws moisture to the skin and helps it to retain water). Now talking to Colin when I was formulating my skincare range with ingredients from my hives we discussed the benefits of honey on the skin. It is in fact an excellent humecant and has been used for thousands of years in beauty regimes. It’s also full of antioxidants, as we know help prevent the aging process. In my case using my raw Hastings honey from my bees 100% pure and natural.


I also use African Organic Forest Honey with seaweed, in my "Bee Young" product as it is particularly rich in vitamins. I need to add here that in the extraction of my honey for my skin products I always leave enough honey for my bees and I don’t mix batches. This means the flower nectar used to make the honey is very pure. My African honey is sourced from a fair-trade co-operative in Zambia. Another great ingredient that I use is my beeswax or locally sourced from fellow beekeepers. Now it also forms a protective barrier against the assaults of environmental pollution. It also contains vitamin A and soothes irritated skin so great for sensitive skin.


Just a note about beeswax, qualities can vary a lot and I use only the best! It's the thin layer that seals in the honey and very fresh and soft.

Here is a photo wax cappings



I use it in all my balms, as also binds my other vitamin rich organic oils together too. Another point that Colin, the cosmetic pharmacologist points out on the program is the language cosmetic companies uses to sell the products.‘Clinically proven’ simply means that a product could have been tested on one person. Through a number of testimonials I could certainly say my products are clinically proven but it doesn’t seem right.

Right now though I will leave my claims as this.


All the products I make are 100% natural, with mainly organic pesticide free ingredients, inspired by my honey bees. The products I make support educational project with nature an finally…. All our balms, like us and our bees are versatile and do more than one thing. Do check out Bee Potion products & know what you are putting on your skin benefits you and the environment.

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