Beauty in the Woods is a programme that aims to empower young women by creating fireside sister circles where teenage girls can have a voice and can learn to become mutually supportive of one another. Practical survival skills will be taught. Those that will both conserve nature and nurture the self and others.

Shout out to all mothers, sisters, aunties and friends! 

Lets empower all the women of the future, Please share our Bee Potion Woodland Wellbeing survey with any teenager you may know ages 14-19.

Their feedback will help shape an extraordinary teen girls survival and life skills nature course that we are currently developing for the spring.

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 What's in it for them? Once they have completed this form send us a message and we will enter them into our free prize draw to win £60 worth of our beautiful Bee Potion natural skincare products. 

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Our first course of 2021 will be run in Spring/Summer with 12 young women, Year 10, from Hastings Academy School. This has been funded by Hastings Opportunity fund. The aim is to attract further funding that will enable us to offer the Bee Potion 'Beauty In the Woods Courses' to those identified by schools, social services for young people most in need.

What our Woodland Wellbeing courses will include:

Learning to cook through camp fire cuisine | Foraging and plant ID | Natural female folk law & female role-models | Moon cycles and female cycles | Bee Mindful activities | Eco-therapy arts and performance | Natural beauty preparation | Fire and wood craft 


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Profits from our skincare sales support the work that we do, but If you are interested in finding out more how you can help us help the next generation  in 2021 and beyond we would love to hear from you:

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 Note: Safety first: All facilitators/teachers are DBS checked, we have user friendly risk assessments, Covid safety measures and insurance.