Working with nature and children in need


The Vision

When you purchase our holistic skincare you directly support vital funding for our woodland well-being projects, with an emphasis on supporting children in need and our bees. We have developed an educational woodland site in Fairlight, an area of outstanding natural beauty (where I keep a sustainable apiary). Bee Potion is a social enterprise: All profits go to our educational projects. We have made the little film above to give you a taste of what we do and why it is of such value for our communities, our children and our bees. 

I offer my expertise and experience through creating woodland well-being courses at our bee apiary woodland site for children and young people in need.  We are all in need of nature, however, the aim is to bring these therapeutic nature experience to vulnerable children with emotional, complex needs. I have a background in alternative and traditional teaching with the core centred around nature as the platform for learning and personal development. 
The Egg Tooth project provide a lifeline service providing therapy and creative courses for young people in Hastings, the thirteenth most deprived Town in the U.k.  I  have the privilege of running projects with them and work with a  dedicated clan of talented therapeutic teachers. Click on the picture to find out more.

As well as having ten years experience of delivering and managing Forest school projects in the community I am merging my experience with beekeeping and Forest therapy and natural skincare.

The vision through Forest therapy and Forest Schools and sustainable beekeeping is to improve children's mental health, aspirations and give them a sense of custodianship and skills through nature/land crafts. We incorporate beekeeping, canine assisted therapy, the creative arts, natural cosmetics, food foraging, horticulture,  mindfulness and tree therapy.

Your purchases of our Bee Potion products will completely self-support the work we do with children in need one day.

Nature is the best therapy

Dare to believe in your dreams.

You may be interested how we were manifesting ours 2020 prelock down.



Memory Tree Project

This March we ran a memory tree project working with young people that have experienced loss of parents, friends and other loved ones including pets. It's a beautiful, happy and meaningful ritual. I have run memory tree projects in London for over 200 children. It’s a very powerful project as we also discuss the memories of our loved ones, in a woodland setting round an open fire and share delicious food. Children and their families are able to take away from it a sense of belonging, feeling rooted, honouring a loved one and understanding of the cycles of life.  At the March memory tree project, we planted a very special Apple tree by the woodland apiary.  Our bees will pollinate the tree's. Future groups will press the apples, cook and eat them in gratitude. We aim to commence further memory tree projects in the Autumn and Winter, where we will plant many more trees in memory. if you would like to share in the gorgeous site where we aim to plant trees click here.

  Honey Dog & Ms Bee    

  •  Supporting students’ emotional well-being with canine assisted therapy
  • Engaging children through nature and literature (which inspires them to read and write)
  • Increasing self-esteem and resilience
  • Increasing confidence through their reading and ability   

Honey the therapy dog has had a balm made in honour of her!  She is the most gentle wise dog and I have the pleasure of being her dog mum.  She brings such joy to the children. 


     An immersive 6 day program, for students from St. Leondard's Academy.  The aim is simply to give children more value of self and other and thus raising their aspirations. Students were immersed in the the woodland during winter. The following skills and personal development subjects are taught:

    • Campfire cuisine
    • Food foraging and nutrition
    • Conservation skills
    • Sensory nature games 
    • Team building challenges
    • Eco arts
    • Creativity and play
    • Mindfulness
    • Values

    At the end of the course the students come away with an environmental award, increased self-belief and an ability to attend school with less fear and more hope.

    Our Future

    Like you, and the rest of the world, we have been in lock down. Please check out the work I have been doing with my bees and letting nature provide some wisdom. 

    As soon as we can the aim is to re-introduce small groups back into our woodland well-being space with control measures in place. 

    Remember, you can purchase our beautiful products and directly support the work with children in need.  Its a win/win beautiful all natural products for you that support beautiful natural projects for those that need it most.  Less not forget the bees.  We are committed with our beekeeping to develop less invasive, exploitative beekeeping methods and work with other apiarists who have the same value for bees and the environment as we all do. 

    You may like to learn a thing or two through my therapeutic  journey with beekeeping via 'our bees page or blog's.  I hope you will enjoy and share with friends and children. 

    Please do get in touch if you would like to know more about the projects or would like to make a donation. We are a not for profit organisation.  

    Bee Well, 

    Katharine X