Bee Potion has run Woodland Wellness Courses for the last two years at our woodland apiary location just outside of Hastings, East Sussex. 

Katharine, our founder, is a qualified therapeutic forest school teacher and a strong part of the Bee Potion ethos is to pass on our knowledge of nature, ecology and our fire-side philosophy to children and young adults who otherwise wouldn’t be given the opportunity to learn such valuable lessons.

Young beekeepers

Woodland Wellness Projects

Our Woodland Wellness courses are run in collaboration with other local charities and organisations such as Eggtooth.

Historically we work with schools to offer these courses to children who come from socially disadvantaged backgrounds and would otherwise not have the opportunity to experience the benefits of being in and learning from nature. If you are from a school or know a school that would benefit from a course like ours then we would very much like to hear from you.

Our Woodland Wellness and Beauty in the Woods courses include:

  • Campfire cuisine
  • Foraging and plant identification 
  • Fire and Wood craft
  • Circle Fire-side discussions
  • Bee Mindful activities
  • Natural beauty preparations
  • Eco-therapy arts and performance
  • Female folklore and female role models
  • Moon cycles and female cycles

Funding and Corporate Events

Corporate workshops

Our courses are funded partly by the sales of our products and partly by raising funds from donations and grants. 

Additionally, we are able to hold bespoke corporate events and the proceeds of these events go directly to the funding of our other courses.

If you are interested in a tailor-made corporate event that not only will give your team something really different but will also fund courses for disadvantaged children then please get in touch.

Contact us at:

or call Katharine on:


Donate to our Bee-cause

If you wish to donate to our cause, please follow the link below. All donations are welcomed, however small and will go directly into our 2021 woodland wellbeing projects and beauty in the woods projects. Sign up to our newsletter to see how your donation will make a difference!