What I love about a good chat is how you can go from discussing the challenges and difficulties of a subject, (in this case beekeeping in 2021) then in the next moment having a good laugh. That is exactly what happened when I was interviewed for the Queen Bee Podcast by fellow Beekeeper, actress and salt of the earth, Ester Coles. 

Sometimes it is the laughs that make us strong not the knocks, so thank you Ester and the Hat Trick production Team. The Queen Bee Podcast is diverse, funny and full of bee Wisdom. From skep and Mead making to naked bee-keeping. 

Grab a cuppa and check out the Queen Bee Podcast for some heart warming conversation with a little on me and all things Bee Potion. 


Listen on apple.

Use Code QUEENBEE at the checkout for 15% off your next purchase in celebration of the podcast!

To round off this year I just wanted to say a huge thank you to some people and organisations who have contributed to our incredible journey these past few years: LEIGH DYER, ZEROH & EGG TOOTH.

Bee Well,

Katharine. x



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