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A selection of 3 Bee Potion Natural Skincare potions of your choice with a £5 saving.


These precious little skincare solutions are all made from 100% natural and organic ingredients, each is created with a little alchemy and a wonderful mix of amazing bee ingredients, vitamin rich organic and luxurious essential oils.

Little pots of wonder that fit easily into a hand/travel bag and look beautiful displayed at home. A little goes a very long way too, with all balms being great  non-spillage travel alternatives to creams and liquids.

Gift wrapped too with personalised message if you wish.

Please let us know which 3 Bee Potion products you would like within your trio in the note section at the bottom of your cart and your personalised message if this is to be sent as a gift.

Happy choosing. 

Bee Pure (Moisturiser) 

Moisturising | Natural makeup remover | Reduced scarring | Nourishes dry skin | Daily protection | hydrating facial night nourishment| base coat under suncream or foundation

Bee Clear (Healing Ointment)

Heals scratches | Anti-scarring | Reducing itches | Chapped lips | Burns | Insect bites | Cold sores | Blemishes | 4 bee ingredients with Rosehip oil

Bee Warm (Muscle Balm)

Soothes aching muscles | Helps inflammation | Eases Arthritis | Relieves chesty coughs| Use after exercise| soothes back and tummy pain | 7 essential oils | anti-inflammatory arnica & hypericum oil 

Bee Soothed (Skin Treatment)

Soothes outbreaks | Reduces soreness | Soothes Rashes | Soothes Eczema | Treats Psoriasis | Tattoo healing | Hormonal Skin | Juniper and propolis | borage oil.

Bee Shine (Hair Treatment)

Suitable for all hair types | Over night mask | Daily leave in | De-frizzer | Lightweight | Heat protection | styling Balm | Strengthens | Protects | Softens nail bed | Strengthens nails | Geranium & black pepper essential oils | conditioning & softening for beards too.

Bee Heeled (Foot Treatment)

Repairs cracked heels | Softens feet | Soften nails | Relieves athletes foot | effective for reflexolgy | refreshing mint and propolis


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