Bee Potion

Bee Nourished facial gift set

£80 £90

All of our golden facial essentials packed into one incredible gift set. If you fancy refreshing your beauty routine or are looking to switch to all-natural then this is the collection for you. 

Our Bee Nourished Facial Gift Set is made from high quality ingredients from out Hastings hives, packed full of vitamin rich oils and essential oils. 

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100ml Bee Young (Cleanser & Toner mask)

Cleansing | Anti-ageing | Toning | Facial mask | Soothes sunburn | Tightening | Relaxing | Refreshing

60ml Bee Pure (Moisturiser) 

Moisturising | Natural makeup remover | Reduced scarring | Nourishes dry skin | Daily protection | hydrating facial night nourishment| base coat under suncream or foundation

30ml Bee Clear (Healing Ointment)

Heals scratches | Anti-scarring | Reducing itches | Chapped lips | Burns | Insect bites | Cold sores | Blemishes | 4 bee ingredients with rose hip oil

30ml Bee Lippy Natural (Lip Balm)

Nourishing | Softening | Protecting


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