Winter Wellness

Taking time for ourselves can be significantly beneficial to our wellbeing during these uncertain times, even if it's the smallest of moments. I have been practising reflexology for a number of years now, and I want to share with you a very simple self care ritual that I use to rest my mind and cleanse my soul.

The results of reflexology - your various systems that make up you feels relaxed and the chart is well, very handy (pardon the pun). It's a simple process too. The key is breathe out when you press down or massage into the reflexology point. Breathe in and release the pressure.

This hand reflexology chart below will give you a visual guide to follow, Click here to download high res Reflexology Charts.

Our reflexology charts were created for a workshop (Handmade Fair). People worked opposite a friend and gave each other a relaxing pressure point massage with the help of a nourishing massage balm they had just made. I now use the chart to give myself some TLC. You don't necessarily need to go through all the points either. It can take between 2 minutes to 20 minutes, and can be done on your own or with a loved one.

You can do the hand reflexology treatment without a balm, but I like to use a good quality balm like my Bee Pure Moisturiser or Bee Relaxed massage candle, filled with beautiful, natural oils. 

Take a little time in a comfortable space to ground yourself. Then sit back and relax as I take you through my winter wellbeing reflexology ritual.

I gave one of the charts to a customer, who has been home schooling twins during lockdown. I am looking forward to hearing feedback! If you have children, I think getting them involved in this reflexology activity is a good opportunity to practise a little mindfulness and it can be extremely calming. I know it can get a little hectic around the house, and even I can find the sitting still bit very challenging. So, being able to breath into the pressure, not on releases tension but also stops my busy brain. This chart is a great visual aid for children and it could help to spark the conversation and intrigue about the incredible biology of the human body. 

I also wanted to share a little note on our plans for 2021. We are so chuffed to be running our first Bee Potion, 'Beauty In the Woods, girl empowerment course' with the wonderful girls from a local secondary school in Hastings.  The course is for vulnerable teenage girls and the aim is to give them empowerment tools to help realise their potential and inner beauty. Inspired partly be the sisterhood of the hive, these charts will also be included in their daily learning activities.

I wonder how bees relax? I know they are in tune with one another and their queen when the queen scent is spread throughout their colony. I have gathered a few bee biology facts to share with you on the topic. Why not challenge the kids to create a slide show or quiz to share the knowledge?

Did you know?

1) Bees hear and smell through their antennae and have over 170 odour receptors.

2)Bees rely on their right antennae to communicate with one another. 

3)Bees have both a set of compound eyes and simple eyes with a total of 5 eyes to see in great detail and also in ultraviolet.  This ensures they can detect a nectar rich flower from great distances. 

Here is a link to a beekeeping website with more fascinating Bee Biology.

Bee well, 

Katharine X







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