As we glimpse the first signs of spring and the days begin growing longer, love is in the air. Whether you are spending time with someone special, or practising the art of self love rituals, we have made it our mission to bring you some new and uplifting presents with a purpose.

We are extremely proud to introduce our limited edition BEE RELAXED aromatherapy massage candles. These sensual candle have been created to give you and your loved ones the most incredibly soothing and uplifting massage experience. We use fine beeswax, soya, coconut and shea butter with 50 drops of pure essential oil in each candle. Once applied to the skin the wonderful soothing properties are released through the nourishing oils . We have carefully crafted our signature scents to be a perfect blend of masculine and feminine aromas, that soothe and arouse. Simply light the candle and, once burnt, apply the oils directly to the skin. The wax is not as hot as paraffin so it will not burn on contact. The oils are concentrated so a little goes a long way. 

This gift was inspired by Saint Valentine, the patron saint of lovers and also bees and beekeepers — charged with ensuring the sweetness of honey and the protection of beekeepers. Saint Valentine is a combined symbol of love, bee's fertility and abundance.

In this beautiful image of Saint Valentine he is holding a skept which, up to 150 years ago, was the traditional form of housing a bee colony and for people to collect honey from. Collection methods also meant that the colony was destroyed. Working with my bee's and the children, I am currently finding new ways of housing bee's that are less invasive and allow the bees to flourish. We take just a little honey.

We can also begin to see the first signs of snowdrops appearing as the Queen honey bee prepares to lay eggs and increase her colony numbers from 5000 to 60,000. A fertile queen will lay up to 2000 eggs a day once spring is on the way. The honey these bees create is sweet nectar from the heart of the flower's male and female parts. The connections we have symbolically with love and nature are pretty profound. No wonder I feel so in love with bees and nature!

At our woodland apiary and educational site the bees have got off to a flying start; on a sunny winters day I have observed them bringing in Pollen from the hazel catkins. This is a sure sign that their mother is getting ready to increase the colony. The pollen is used for protein by the bees to feed the unborn young. Bees are so nurturing and supportive of one another.

The first few weeks into the new year are an extremely important time for self reflection and healing. It is important to start a fresh and set new goals for the future. Make sure to take some time out to relax and pamper yourself, as re generation is crucial during these darker months.

We have put a lot of thought into inventing the perfect Valentines gift set, whether that be for pampering yourself or treating a loved one. Our BEE LOVED gifting box features a choice of one of our BEE RELAXED massage candles, one of our Travel pots and a special edition pink BEE LIPPY. These gifts are then beautifully wrapped in pink tissue paper and packaged in a recyclable Kraft card box, along with a personalised, handwritten note within.

We are extremely passionate about promoting gifts with a purpose. A large percentage of our sales go directly back into our vulnerable kids woodland projects, and the keeping of our bees. We are a community focused company. Inspired by giving back, and sustaining the natural world around us.

Bee potion - Supporting your every day needs and our planet's ecology. Help us educate for the future.

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